Founding Farmers Gin

Our Founding Farmers Gin is a unique single malt gin with a recipe perfected for over two years. Released in 2013, it is the product of our partnership with Copper Fox Distillery in Sperryville, VA. In keeping with The Founding Farmers Spirit Project philosophy, all of the barley for this spirit is sourced from a neighboring farm and the water for the distilling process comes from a nearby stream. Botanicals in our single malt Founding Farmers Gin, many of which are grown on the Copper Fox Distillery property, include juniper berries, cardamom, anise, orange peel, ginger, angelica, and lemon grass.

Founding Farmers Gin is available in a wide range of cocktails on our Farmers & Distillers drinks menu. We have classic Martinis, featuring our Founding Farmers Gin, shaken or stirred. Try our take on Kayla’s Cocktail, made with Founding Farmers Gin, apple brandy, lemon, aperol, and curaçao. Feeling adventurous? Go for a Constitution Royale, featuring Founding Farmers Gin infused with blueberry, chamomile, and ginger, segura viudas sparkling cava, lemon, and FS blueberry bitters.

Founding Farmers single malt gin makes a great gift for an alcohol connoisseur and is available for purchase on our website. Stop by our restaurants to experience and taste our spirits at Farmers & Distillers or its sibling restaurants Founding Farmers or Farmers Fishers Bakers. Our delightful variety of craft cocktails are made specifically to highlight this premium craft spirit.

Find our Founding Farmers Gin in these cocktails:

Farm Daisy

Founding Farmers Gin | Green Chartreuse | Lemon | Lemongrass


Founding Farmers Gin | Lemon | Mint | Orange Bitters

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