Founding Farmers Premium Rye Whisky: Top-Rated Rye Whisky

The first in the Founding Farmers Spirit Project proprietary line, Founding Farmers Rye Whisky has been a guest favorite since it was first crafted in 2009. 

Created in partnership with our very own Jon Arroyo and Copper Fox Distillery’s Master Distiller Rick Wasmund, our Founding Farmers premium Rye Whisky is made with smoked apple, cherrywood, and malted barley grown by farmer Billy Dawson’s Bay’s Best Feed in Heathsville, VA, just down the road from the distillery.

Founding Farmers Rye Whisky can be found at our bar and in our cocktails at Farmers & Distillers and our sibling restaurants, Founding Farmers or Farmers Fishers Bakers. 

A great gift for any spirit connoisseur, our Founding Farmers Rye Whisky is available for purchase online on our websiteFor a truly special experience and behind the scenes look at how we handcraft our spirits, we invite you to book a Tour & Tasting with us at our in-house Founding Spirits distillery, located at Farmers & Distillers. 

Find our Founding Farmers Rye Whisky in these cocktails:

Farmers Smash

Founding Farmers Rye Whisky | Lemon | Orange | Ginger | Bitters

Ward Eight

Founding Farmers Rye Whisky | Lemon | Orange | Grenadine | Sweet Vermouth

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