The Best American Whiskey

All great things take time. We’ve been working on our handcrafted, true American-made Whiskey since we began our distilling adventures in 2009. Pot stilled and barrel aged for at least 18 months at Copper Fox Distillery – using our good friend and farmer, the late Billy Dawson’s Virginia-grown corn, wheat, barley, and oats – we proof, blend, and bottle our American Whiskey at our DC distillery, Founding Spirits.

Our American Whiskey is unique. The small-batch blend has a rich, smooth, and earthy taste that can be enjoyed many ways. We think you’ll agree, it was well worth the wait.

Book a Tour & Tasting at our DC distillery for a taste of what we consider to be the best American-made whiskey. Our Founding Spirits American-blended Whiskey is also available at fine retailers or for purchase online on our website. Our small-batch spirits are also available wholesale.

Find our Founding Spirits American Whiskey in these cocktails:

American Whiskey Buck

Founding Spirits American Whiskey | Lemon | Ginger | Cane Syrup


Founding Spirits American Whiskey | Founding Spirits Arroyo's "Never Bitter" Amaro | Campari