Founding Spirits Arroyo’s “Never Bitter” Amaro

Our Founding Spirits Arroyo’s “Never Bitter” Amaro is GOLD, according to the American Distilling Institute (ADI) who gave it their 2018 Gold Medal for a Certified Craft Blended Spirit. It is also SILVER according to the highly competitive San Francisco World Spirits Competition. Our amaro also took home another ADI win in the prestigious Best of 2018 Certified Craft Blended Spirit category. And making it a four-time winner, our amaro also won another SILVER award from the 2018 International Review of Spirits by Tastings, an affiliate of the Beverage Testing Institute.  

While amaro can have an intimidating reputation of being too bitter, Jon Arroyo and his team set out on a journey to make an approachable spirit that everyone can enjoy. Our amaro can only be described as delicious and “never bitter,” as the name suggests. Arroyo fell in love with digestifs and aperitifs throughout his travels to South America and Europe, and made it his mission to bring the magic of the before and after dinner drink home to the U.S. Our amaro is distilled and bottled at Founding Spirits in Washington, D.C. and can be purchased online, as well as tasted in a range of amaro cocktails on our drinks menu served at Farmers & Distillers.

Check out our amaro drink options at Farmers & Distillers. “Purists” will enjoy our amaro straight up: chilled, neat, or on the rocks with a twist. Taste our famous F&D Jungle Bird, made with FS Arroyo’s “Never Bitter” Amaro, dark rum, campari, lime, and pineapple. Feeling adventurous? We also offer our Whimsical Shared Amaro Cocktails for individuals or groups of two to four.

Founding Spirits Arroyo’s “Never Bitter” Amaro makes a great gift for any alcohol connoisseur and is available for purchase on our website. Please stop by to experience and taste our spirits at Farmers & Distillers or any of our sibling Founding Farmers restaurants or Farmers Fishers Bakers. Our delightful variety of craft cocktails can be found behind our bars and are made specifically to highlight our premium craft spirits.


Find our Founding Spirits Arroyo’s “Never Bitter” Amaro in these cocktails:


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Jungle Bird

Founding Spirits Arroyo's "Never Bitter" Amaro | Plantation Dark | Campari | Lime | Cold-Pressed Pineapple

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