Founding Spirits Vodka

Our award-winning craft vodka is made with the purest ingredients in the heart of DC by Jon Arroyo and his team. Founding Spirits Vodka earned a BRONZE medal from the American Distilling Institute at their 2018 Craft Spirits Conference. We distill our small-batch vodka with the aristocrat of wheat, Dark Northern Spring, more commonly known as Hard Red Spring Wheat. Harvested on the Watne’s family farm in North Dakota, this specific grain is a trademark of excellence in the world of wheat due to its high-protein and high-quality. Mark, Michelle, and the Watne family are fourth-generation wheat, corn, barley, and soybean farmers. Mark also serves as president of the North Dakota Farmers Union. In addition to the ND wheat, the two other key components, rye and barley, are harvested by Bay’s Best Feed in Heathsville, VA. If you are searching for the perfect handcrafted, premium vodka, look no further than our Founding Spirits Vodka.

Enjoy our boutique vodka neat, on the rocks, with a twist, or find it in our craft cocktails at Farmers & Distillers. Our Vodka Sours are made with Founding Spirits Vodka, citrus, and sweetener. Try our take on a classic. Our F&D Mule is made with our craft FS Vodka, lime, ginger beer, and mint. We also have a great selection of Martinis shaken or stirred with our premium FS Vodka.

To taste and experience our American craft vodka, make sure to book a distillery tour where you’ll enjoy a sneak peek of how our Founding Spirits Vodka is distilled. Stick around for lunch or dinner at Farmers & Distillers or visit any of our sibling restaurants including Founding Farmers or Farmers Fishers Bakers.

Our delightful variety of craft cocktails are made specifically to highlight our premium craft spirits. Founding Spirits Vodka is available for purchase on our website and is a great gift idea for a colleague, family member, friend, or even yourself.

Find our Founding Spirits Vodka in these cocktails:

Cape Codder Spritz

Founding Spirits Vodka | Our Virginia Vines Rosé | Cold-pressed Cranberry Juice | Lime | Orange Essence | Seltzer

Sex and the City

Founding Spirits Vodka | Cointreau | Cold-Pressed Cranberry Juice | Founding Spirits Clementine Bitters

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