Discover Our New Rum Varieties 

Founding Spirits is thrilled to introduce our latest rum varieties, crafted with care and high quality ingredients. Distilled from American Gulf Coast molasses and American sugar cane, our rums are delicious on their own and in cocktails.  

Our White Rum is both smooth and versatile with soft notes of fruit, light pepper, ocean air, vanilla, and butterscotch. Enjoy this light & refreshing one-of-a-kind spirit. 

craft rum spirits

For those who prefer a deeper, richer flavor, our Dark Rum is aged for at least two years in virgin American white oak barrels, resulting in nothing short of pure perfection. With hints of vanilla, spice, and caramel, it’s supremely mixable and sippable.  

If you’re looking for a little more kick, our Navy Strength Rum provides a warm, buttery finish with notes of oak, honey, roasted cherries, and toffee. Like our Dark Rum but with higher proof, it’s versatile, enjoyable, and perfect for crafting dynamic cocktails that pack a punch. 

Our Founding Spirits Rums can be purchased in store at any of our DC area locations or purchased online for shipment to most states*.  

Want to taste these tantalizing rums in action? Make a reservation and join us at any Founding Farmers location to indulge in our handcrafted cocktails. Picture yourself sipping on a refreshing El Presidente made with our White Rum or savoring the rich flavors of a Buck’s Best Mai Tai with our Dark Rum. Whether you’re craving the classic mojito freshness or the boldness of a Dark ‘n Stormy, we’ve got rum cocktail options to transport you to sunny shores. Check out our restaurant cocktail menus for full details and join us for a taste of paradise!