Where Our Vodka Begins

Our award-winning craft vodka has its roots in the Hard Red Spring Wheat fields of Minot, North Dakota. This particular grain, known and grown for its high quality, has been called the “aristocrat of wheat.” Ours is harvested on the Watne farm where Mark, Michelle, and their family are fourth-generation farmers. 

Our Distillery Director, Jon Arroyo, flew out to North Dakota recently to see the farm, meet the family, and connect with Mark Watne, who is also president of the North Dakota Farmers Union, which co-owns our distillery and Farmers Restaurant Group.

Check out this short video of Jon and Mark talking and sharing our story direct from those North Dakota wheat fields.

As a craft distiller of wheat and small-batch spirits, Jon was delighted to be standing in those wheat fields and talking to our wheat farmer and friend, Mark. For distillers, as well as other makers and bakers, being amidst the land where the raw ingredients are grown and talking to the people who grow them, takes their craft to a whole new level. 

Curious to taste what all these connected-to-the-source efforts produce in our unique vodka? Make a reservation and stop by any of our restaurants, take a tour of our in-house distillery located at Farmers & Distillers, or buy a bottle online. See if you can taste the difference.

We sure can.